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  • This course studies the Rebbe’s philosophy, showcases the Rebbe’s insights into life, and explores the Rebbe’s profound, resonant messages to our generation.

    Most importantly, Insight clarifies how the Rebbe’s inimitable leadership style as well as his many campaigns and initiatives were all corollaries of the Rebbe’s unique Torah-based view of everything. The Rebbe didn’t merely have different (or even better) answers to the many personal and global issues of todaythe Rebbe actually saw the issues differently than the rest of us do. He saw the core of everything - the very essence itself - and infused each encounter and circumstance in life with his distinctive wisdom. Insight allows us a clear window into the teachings of the Rebbe, enabling us to learn how to start seeing everything from a different perspective a perspective that is truly liberating and life-changing. This seven-lesson series is an opportunity to discover how we too can experience every moment as a life steeped in goodness and kindness.

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    The  secret  of  Jewish  survival  is  the  Torah,  which  century  after  century  has  been  studied  and  taught  with  commitment and love. But of what value is the Torah in our everyday lives? Based on theassertion of the Zohar that the Torah is the blueprint of the world, the Rebbe constantlyemphasized  that  no  element  of  creation  can  possibly  be  in  conflict  with  Torah.  The  Torah  is  not  only  a  guide  to  living  a  holy,  spiritual  life,  but  also  a  guide  to  how  to  properly utilize and interact with the world in optimal fashion. This premise has manyramifications, including that observing the Torah’s instructions is the best way to assureoneself a good life in a material sense too.

    Gain insight into a different view of the Torah.

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