Kosher BLT's @ Chabad

Every Sunday 8:30 am




·      Men & Boys ages 13 to 113.

Invite a Friend or Bring Your Sons with you.


·      Give "Arms" to Israel.

The Rebbe started a campaign just days before the six day war, to encourage Men & Boys to Don Tefillin as a
way to bring G‑d’s protection to the Land of Israel. Let’s give Spiritual “Arms” to our brothers and sisters in Israel during these trying times.


·       No prior experience necessary! 

Use  your own Tefillin or one of ours,Whether you are a Pro or you've never put on Tefillin before, someone will assist you if necessary.


·    Enjoy a Breakfast Buffet

An elaborite Bagel & Lox Breakfast.

Enjoy a brief  Video  and Discussion over a scrumptious Breakfast.

Morning Services start Sunday at 8:30 am followed by Breakfast.

at the Chabad Center for Jewish Life