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  • Pre-Rosh Hashana Womens' Dinnerwith Master Chef, Blogger and Cookbook Author Chanie Apffelbaum, August 28th @ Chabad Click here for more info. and RSVP
  • Rivky's Pre Rosh Hashana Soup & Kugel SaleOrder Rivky's Delicious Soups & Kugels Today! Click to Order Now!
  • Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue!In Hebrew, the word tzedek, which means “justice,” also means “righteousness.” Perhaps the dual use... Read More
  • Is Your Body Your Property?Parshat Shoftim Read More
  • Muslim Zanzibar Gets Its First-Ever Jewish CenterEast African island welcomed Chabad emissaries earlier this year Read More
  • Why Specifically an Apple in Honey? Growing Weekly: Rosh Hashanah Read More
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