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Serving The Community...

Serving The Community...

Community Services

Chabad Lubavitch of Tennessee
Serving The Jewish Community With:

  • Annual Purim Celebration
  • Bat Mitzvah Club
  • Campus Outreach
  • Chabad Woman's Group
  • Chanukah Concert
  • Family Sukkot Celebration
  • Holiday Awareness Programs
  • Holiday Guides & Publications
  • Hospital Visitations
  • Jewish Education for Children & Adults
  • Jewish Art Calendar
  • Judaic Library
  • Koshering Homes
  • Lag B'omer Cookout
  • Lecture Series
  • Mezuzah Campaign
  • Model Matzah Bakery
  • Olive Oil Press
  • Prison Chaplaincy
  • Public Menorah Displays & Lightings
  • Shabbat and Holiday Celebrations
  • Shabbat Hospitality
  • Shofar Factory
  • Tefillin Campaign

“With every Jew in mind, regardless of affiliation or background”

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