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  • Rosh Chodesh SocietyJoin Us for a monthly class for women, discovering the secret behind time.Starting November 24 or 25: The Kabbalah of Sleep.Sign Up
  • Pre-Chanukah Women's EventLearn about the deeper meaning of oil and make your own olive-oil dressing to take home.See More
  • Chanukah Community Concert with 8th DayFirst Night of Chanukah, Dec 16th6:45 PM at the MJCCBuy Tickets!
  • Bagels, Lox & TefillinBagels, Lox & Tefillin is an opportunity for Jewish men and boys to start off the week with Shachris prayers and Living Torah Video, and a great Jewish breakfast too! Sundays at 8:30Read More
  • Mommy and MeJoin other Jewish moms and kids as we explore the child's world through story, song, crafts and circle time. Thursdays at 10 AM
  • Parshah in a Nutshell Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of red lentil soupRead More
  • A Pound of CandlesHe could scarcely believe his ears. A pound of candles to atone for violating the holy Shabbat?Read More
  • Rivers of the SoulAll Jews are well-diggers, even today. Whatever you do for your physical livelihood and your...Read More
  • A Classic Melody with a TwistKarlin NiggunRead More
  • Life Beyond the Kármán LineMust we move to heaven to experience infinite ethereality? I think notRead More

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All Jews are well-diggers, even today. Whatever you do for your physical livelihood and your spiritual livelihood, all depends on digging lasting wells
What is the secret to making the generation gap disappear?
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Rabbi Elazar ben Shamua would say: The honor of your student should be as precious to you as your own; the honor of your colleague, as your awe of your master; and your awe of your master as your awe of Heaven
Ethics of the Fathers 4: 12
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Rosh Chodesh Society

A monthly class for women. Nov. 24/25

Mommy and Me

For infants, toddlers and moms. Thursdays at 10 AM


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